Monday, 3 October 2011

Animate 11 by Wamda

A week ago, I attended Animate 11 at the Pavilion Downtown Dubai. It was a very well organized and inspiring event. There were some great creative showcases by independent animators/illustrators as well as animation companies.

David Habchy and Ashley Choukeir from Lebanon, showed the public their work (illustration and animation) and spoke about the process they were involved in for each project they took on. It was great to see how two freelance artists have made their way into the market and revealed the power of social media in marketing one's work. That is apart from the obvious talent they both share :). Here is a video from a puppet animation workshop they were both involved in in Lebanon.

Another showcase that was very inspiring was that of Emirati Mohamad Fikree. He is a 21 year old animator who I think has rare talent when it comes to having an overall vision for film/animation. The light design, mood, framing, and sound design were I think all very well done. He composes the music for his animations too. I am looking forward to seeing how his work develops in the future. Here is the trailer for one of the films he showed us, though he said it was not finished yet. I found that his films really capture an emotion I only thought existed in dreams.

There is really lots to say about the event but these were the most inspiring showcases for me. Thanks to Wamda for organizing this!


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